Wooden Utility Pole Crash Test Data


The purpose of this web site is to provide information concerning utility pole crash tests. It is here to disseminate data and information concerning the crash reconstruction of passenger vehicles and wooden utility poles. Initially, the data from test conducted in Colrain Township, OH on 21 July 2007 are presented with the intent to grow the database as more crash tests are conducted.

The data in the polecrashtests.zip archive include IST accelerometer data, radar speed history data, and other vehicle information. The vehicledata.xls spreadsheet contains crush measurements and crash summaries.

The data on this website is free for use, provided the source (the University of Tulsa) is cited.

Welcome to the data website for pole crash tests.

The Event
8 cars
8 utility poles
8 crashes
1 land fill
100 people
1 great day!

The Data
Crush Measurements
Radar Traces
Accelerometer Data
Event Data from CDR kit
Pole Measurements
Scene MapsWelcome_files/VehicleData.xls