Test Equipment Assets

This page is a photographic list of testing equipment in use by TU-CRRC.

  1. iWitness Pro is some software to enable measurements with a calibrated camera using photogrammetery. The link for the software is for www.iwitnessphoto.com.
  2. The Racelogic VBox 3i is a state of the art GPS based speed sensor. The GPS engine samples at 100 Hz. Also, the unit supports other input modules and CAN messages from vehicles. The calibration certificate for this unit is available as a scanned .jpg image (932 KB).
    VBox 3i

  3. Racelogic 6 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit for the VBox 3i. The Certificate of Conformity is available as a scanned .jpg image (1.1 MB).
    IMU image

  4. J1939 9-pin CAN cable for the Racelogic VBox 3i. This is used to read data from the J1939 bus on commercial vehicles. See the Paccar PX-8 Engine example for more information. This cable can power the VBox 3i through the SER port on the unit.
    J1939 Vbox 3i Cable

  5. The Bosch CDR Kit is used to extract event data from passenger vehicles.
    Bosch CDR kit

  6. The consortium has access to 2 Vericom VC4000DAQ units.
    VC4000 image
    Vericom Certificate of Calibration for S/N VC408100084
    Vericom Load Cell Certificate Of Calibration

  7. Three 50G Accelerometers can be used with the VC4000 to sample a crash pulse at 1000 Hz. The steel plates are for easy mounting on a vehicle floor board. The cable is covered with split loom wiring to protect from abrasions.
    50 G Accelerometers

  8. A Video VBox Lite provides 2 video feeds with a 10 Hz GPS signal superposed over the top of the video image. The VBox lite can monitor 1 external CAN channel.
    Video VBox Lite

  9. The Stalker ATS Radar records speed through a serial port. A dedicated netbook accompanies the radar to record the speed. The radar also has a dedicated tripod.
    Stalker Radar

  10. A triaxial accelerometer can be used to measure crash pulses. This accelerometer is designed to interface with a 0-5V input data acquisition unit. This unit can measure up to 70G with a wide bandwidth of DC-10,000 Hz. A 600 deg/s rate gyro accompanies the triaxial accelerometer for a 6DOF crash sensing solution.
    Triaxial AccelrometerTriaxial Certificate

    More calibration sheets are available by clicking the serial number in the following table:
    Item Description Serial Number Documentation
    70G Triaxial Accelerometer 1791A00043 Instructions
    70G Triaxial Accelerometer 1791A00044 Instructions
    600 deg/sec Rate Gyro 1651A00047 Instructions
    600 deg/sec Rate Gyro 1651A00048 Instructions
    Mounting Plate   Instructions

  11. The DAQ system for the crash sensing accelerometers and rate gyro is a National Instruments CompactRIO.
    CRIO image
  12. Intercomp Racing Scales are capable of measuring four individual wheel weights up to 1500 lb each. These are wireless.
    Race Scales
  13. S-Beam Load Cell (10,000 lb) can be used to do full scale drag tests with vehicles. The rod ends take 3/4" bolts.
    10,000 lb Load Cell
  14. DG Technologoes Gryphon S3.
  15. Nexiq Diagnositc Link Connector