PySMAC - A Python Implementation of the SMAC Program

This page presents a class project Jeremy Daily did while he was in graduate school at Wright State. It is called PySMAC and was developed during a graduate level numerical methods course. While there is really nothing revolutionary regarding the algorithm, the implementation in Python makes the program simple to understand. The graphics and reporting were implemented to take advangage of open-source plotting software and LaTeX.

The original project report is available as a pdf document with this link: smacFinal.pdf. There is a lot of detail regarding cubic interpolation functions for no other reason in they were of interest to me at the time.

The original source files are in this archive: This archive may contain code snippets that were used in development.

At one time, there was a Linux box with an Apache Server that would perform trajectory calculations on the server and provide results over the internet. The source files and a couple examples are in if anyone is interested in setting that service up again. Keep in mind that this was a concept project and is not well refined.