Arduino CAN logger

CAN/J1939 logger based on the Arduino platform using a Sparkfun CAN-BUS shield.
Required Hardware:

  1. Arduino Duemilanove or similar, available at Official Arduino Page
  2. CAN Shield, available at Sparkfun
  3. Any Micro SD Card, available at Amazon
  4. OBDII to DB9F ODII Cable, available at Amazon
  5. USB cable, available at Amazon
Required Software:
  1. Arduino Software 0023, available at Official Arduino Page
  2. Arduino SD card library, available at Arduino Playground
  3. Arduino SPI library, available at Arduino Playground
  4. Arduino MCP2515 library available at Arduino Blog
Approach: Continuously record CAN/J1939 messages (optional: record messages that match filter criteria). Please not that the application has been configured to log all information accessible on the CAN bus and explicitly show individual processing steps. Significant performance improvements are possbile by using selective message filters and writing storage routines that use the bandwidth available at the SD card interface.

Provided Resources:

  1. Source Code
  2. Basic HTML Documentation
  3. Sample Log File